Collaborative research center (CRC) Chromatin Dynamics

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The SFB 1064 collaborative research center (CRC) explores the nature of dynamic transitions of chromatin organisation. It aims to understand principles and mechanisms that endow chromatin organisation with diversity, flexibility and plasticity to respond to environmental, metabolic and developmental cues. CRC research strives for an integrated understanding of chromatin structure and function, involving identification and biochemical characterization of enzymes and metabolites, multi-omic analyses and imaging of cells in diverse physiological states and during ontogeny of model organisms.

Chromatin-based regulation relies on genome- and locus-specific chromatin organisation. We explore the chromatin landscape along the chromosomes defined by chromatin modification patterns, nucleosome remodelling, histone variants, associated proteome and polymer condensation of the chromatin fiber and how it changes during physiological and experimentally induced cell-fate transitions, nutrient availability and the DNA damage response. We observe how the three fundamental genome functions transcription, replication and maintenance of genome integrity and their unavoidable interference on the chromosome are accompanied by structural adaptation of chromatin.

In this third reporting period of this CRC (2021-2025), two transversal themes provide new viewpoints and opportunities for discovery:

  • Time lines in chromatin dynamics, where we consider mechanisms of reversible transitions (turnover), irreversible emergence of stable states (trajectory) and cyclical dynamics (cycle),
  • Intersections between local chromatin organisation and cell metabolism.

With 22 dedicated CRC projects, we look forward to four more productive and enlightening years of research in Chromatin Dynamics!

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