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CIC Energigune is the new energy research centre with headquarters in the Basque Country which aims to become an international benchmark in its field. The centre has the backing of public institutions and administrations, and of companies directly related to the energy sector.

It will focus on the following areas:

  • Excellence research
    Generating knowledge and developing technology through research activities in the centre's working areas.
    Increasing the number of scientific and technological researchers working in the Basque research system.
  • Transfer of knowledge and results
    The CIC will be committed to transferring the knowledge generated to the business sector, through different channels:
    Research projects in Cooperation with Technology Centres and/or companies.
    Sale of industrial and intellectual property rights, in the form of patents, etc.
    Creation of spin-offs
  • High-level training
    Organisation and/or hosting of major activities in the scientific-technological areas in which the centre specialises.
  • Coordinating the R&D&i work undertaken
    Reinforcing the work being carried out by different agents (universities, Technology Centres, etc.) throughout the Basque Country.
    Underpinning such coordination through a structure (Extended CIC).

To a large extent, CIC Energigune is in charge of meeting the targets set in the Energy Strategy of the Basque Country 3E 2010. Its work will be decisively important in promoting new global business groups operating in new market niches and will help position the Basque Country as a major reference in research excellence in the area of energy and sustainability.

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