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Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar operates in concert with several other American and European branch campuses under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation’s Education City. The branch campus closely follows the admissions requirements and English language curriculum of the home campus, which awards all degrees. The several thousand students in Education City students are a broad mix of nationalities, but primarily from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. CMUQ’s faculty is a mix of professionals hired specifically to the campus and seconded faculty from the main campus. CMUQ’s primary focus is undergraduate education in Business Administration, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, and Information Systems.

Our Vision

Carnegie Mellon University will have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and personal health and well-being.

To cultivate a transformative university community committed to (a) attracting and retaining diverse, world-class talent; (b) creating a collaborative environment open to the free exchange of ideas, where research, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship can flourish; and (c) ensuring individuals can achieve their full potential.

To impact society in a transformative way—regionally, nationally, and globally—by engaging with partners outside the traditional borders of the university campus.

Our Values

Dedication: reflected in our distinctive work ethic and in our commitment to excellence.

Impact: reflected in our commitment to address critical issues facing society regionally, nationally, and globally.

Collaboration: reflected in our interdisciplinary approach, our focus on internal and external partnerships, and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry.

Creativity: reflected in our openness to new ideas and forms of expression, intellectual curiosity, willingness to take risks, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Empathy and Compassion: reflected in our focus on improving the human condition and on the personal development of the members of our community.

Inclusion: reflected in a culture and climate that seeks, welcomes, and advances talented minds from diverse backgrounds.

Integrity: reflected in our adherence to the highest ethical standards in personal and professional behavior, and in our commitment to transparency and accountability in governance and everything we do

Sustainability: reflected in our shared commitment to lead by example in preserving and protecting our natural resources, and in our approach to responsible financial planning.

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