Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB)

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Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a leading institution in artistic research and offers the highest education in Norway in the fields of Art and Design.

Learning and teaching at KHiB are based on artistic research and experimentation. Through an active and visible role we convey the importance and value of art and design as integral to society. KHiB offers three-year bachelor programmes and two-year master's programmes in both Art and Design and has employed Research Fellows associated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. Furthermore, we offer Teacher Training (PPU), which is a one-year full time programme for artists and designers aiming to become teachers. KHiB also offers life long learning courses for artists, designers and related professionals. Bergen Academy of Art and Design operates the "Norwegian Artistic Research Programme" which has two parts the "Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme" and the "Project Programme". KHiB has around 340 students and 100 employees. Both students and staff contribute to a dynamic international environment. Six locations in Bergen Centre KHiB has it's activities in six different buildings and locations on two campus areas in the city centre.  

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