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AudioTelligence, a software company backed by VC capital and with strong ties to Cambridge University, leads the world in the field of blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone sources and is one of the Cambridge tech hub’s most exciting start-ups.

Our revolutionary technology transforms the clarity and intelligibility of audio, allowing voice-controlled consumer devices to operate effectively, even in noisy environments. Applications for our technology range from automotive to consumer electronics and home assistants. Many people who are hard of hearing could benefit from the improvement our tech makes to the effectiveness of hearing assistance devices.

Our people are working on technology which will be embedded in thousands of consumer products and which could make a real difference to the quality of many lives.

The company has set itself challenging growth targets and in less than a year it has grown by 400%. Worldwide demand for its products means that this expansion is set to continue. The research team plays a crucial role in solving the next problems in our field, creating and developing the algorithms which the software team implements for our clients.

We are always looking for talented people who would like to be involved in projects that inspire them and which make them want to work, not just need to work. We aim to fun while we work hard to build a successful organisation.


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