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Bayreuth, Germany
Sydney, Australia
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ArtMotor is an ERC Synergy Project aiming to build the world’s first designed autonomous protein motors. This prestigious grant offers excellent career opportunities for PhD and postdoctoral researchers at universities in Lund (Sweden), Bayreuth (Germany) and Sydney (Australia) https://artmotor-synergy.eu/vacancies.

We offer

Excellent career development opportunities in the positive, vibrant environment of one of the involved research groups. 

All positions offer excellent employment conditions, access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and methods, and outstanding international collaboration opportunities.

Research subject

The purpose of ArtMotor is to design and build the world’s first functional, synthetic protein motors capable of moving and transducing energy. We use the synergy of our joint expertise in computational protein design, structural and molecular biology, stochastic thermodynamics and single-molecule detection. Starting from relatively simple protein motors that require external control, we aim to construct, step by step, an autonomous protein motor capable of moving along a track. Such a functional, synthetic protein will constitute a ground-breaking advance in synthetic biology, physics and engineering.

The proteins are developed and prepared by the collaboration partners Birte Höcker (University of Bayreuth, Germany) and Paul Curmi (UNSW, Sydney, Australia). The group of Heiner Linke (Lund University, Sweden) supports the design process, and performs single-molecule experiments to characterize the motors.

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