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We are currently seeking an outstanding researcher to join the pilot project LERCO (Life & Environment Research Center Ostrava) at VSB - Technical University in Ostrava. The project is focused on biomedical engineering and has a strong track record of successful R&D projects. Our team consists of twenty-two international researchers working in four main groups. 

As part of our team, you will be a key motivator, driving forward research within our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our two well equipped Living laboratories (https://healthlab.vsb.cz/en), enhance our research in a real-world environment.

Project Description:

The aim of the project is to carry out research in the biomedical technology field, with a specific emphasis on developing cutting-edge sensory systems for telemedicine, assisted living, and remote home care within clinical medical environments. This research is in line with the current priorities of the European Union and worldwide trends, such as Green Energy, Elderly Care, and overall well-being.

The fundamental equipment necessary for the research group will be available. Together with the research team, the focus will be on advancing sensor technology at the mini and micro levels, specifically in the realm of non-contact sensing of biological parameters, external bodily expressions, and human activities. These efforts are aimed towards enhancing holistic medicine and promoting a better quality of life. Additionally, the group will be involved in the creation and validation of novel techniques and algorithms for analyzing biological data through the use of artificial intelligence methods. 

Qualifications and personal qualities:

We are currently seeking for a highly skilled and exceptional researcher who has demonstrated outstanding performance in her/his area of expertise. The preferred applicant should have:

  • A robust portfolio of research outputs
  • An **H-index of over 40**, indicating significant impact in the requested field
  • A history of publication in **more than 200 papers in Impact Factor (IF) journals**
  • Extensive experience in **applying for and managing international grants**
  • Demonstrated ability to **build and lead teams**, with a strategic approach to research and development
  • Potential to produce applicable R&D results in a long- term horizon in a new team
  • The candidate must be fluent in written and spoken English

We can offer:

  • The Technical University of Ostrava (VSB) is nestled between the beautiful Beskids mountains. Our campus offers a unique opportunity to blend cutting-edge science with the beauty of the outdoors. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment that fosters the growth of the next generation of scientists.
  • Competitive salary of 192 000 CZK per month (gross), with a contract duration of 3 months up to 1 year (full-time equivalent). 
  • Budget for   research equipment, IT technology and team of researchers to support your research activities.
  • Good welfare benefits (free parking, MultiSport card, accommodation benefits, etc..)

Your application must include:

  • CV focused on professional experience
  • Cover letter explaining your interest in the position
  • List of publications and completed projects
  • Two letters of recommendation describing: the relationship to the applicant, previous work/academic performance, work qualities, overall assessment of potential success in a research environment
  • Documents verifying educational qualifications

should be sent by e-mail to: bmeng@vsb.cz

Please modify your application draft as necessary in order to align with the specifications of your organization. Should you require additional assistance or customization, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Starting from 2025-JAN-01.

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Excellent Researcher Biomedical Engineering - Life & Environment Research Center Ostrava
17. listopadu 2172/15 Ostrava-Poruba, Czechia
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2025-01-01 23:59
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