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Doctoral Scholarships in the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Program “Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion” (GSPSC)

2023-12-15 (Europe/Berlin)
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Call for Applications

2 Doctoral Scholarships in the 

DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Program
“Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion” (GSPSC) at the
Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS)

The Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) invites applications for 2 scholarships for international doctoral researchers in its Graduate School Scholarship Pro- gram “Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion” (GSPSC), funded by the German Aca- demic Exchange Service (DAAD). BIGSSS is an international inter-university graduate school in the social sciences, located at the University of Bremen and Constructor University Bremen, Ger- many. Successful applicants will receive a Ph.D. scholarship from the DAAD of 1.200 €/month (plus additional benefits) for 48 months.

The program focuses on the question of how social policy and social cohesion are related on a global, regional or national level. Comparative or transnational perspectives that address interde- pendencies between the Global South and North are especially welcome. Single country case stud- ies may scrutinize the complex interlinkages between social policy and social cohesion.

Potential dissertation projects may address one or more of the following topics/questions:

What are the specific forms or instances of social cohesion or social dis/integration that trigger the establishment of social policy? When and how do divisions between social groups (classes, ethnic groups, etc.) translate into political cleavages that involve a mobili- zation for social policies aimed at strengthening social cohesion?

Which forms of social policy increase or decrease social cohesion? Are there also disinte- grative effects of social policy? Are there specific forms of social policy that are especially contested between groups?

Are there functional equivalents to the welfare state fostering social integration?

Can social orders be stable without institutions designed to ensure social cohesion?

The English-language doctoral program includes a structured curriculum and close guidance by experienced researchers while at the same time fostering early academic independence and crea- tivity by providing support for conducting, presenting, and publishing the Ph.D. fellows' self-chosen research projects. The program is characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from sociology, political science, psychology, and economics. While the research ques- tions addressed in dissertation projects are envisioned to broadly correspond to supervisors' re- search interests, the successful applicants shall formulate specific research topics.


We invite applications from exceptional international candidates with strong academic abilities and a Master's degree (or equivalent) in sociology, political science, psychology, or economics. Potential candidates with a degree in related disciplines are also welcome. Applicants have to demonstrate a broad thematic fit between the dissertation proposal and the corresponding supervisor's outlined research interests.

All accepted researchers are asked to move to Bremen for the program's duration, as a presence at the institution is required.

Eligibility, application, and further information

You are eligible if you are an international applicant proficient in English language (speaking & writing, proof of C1-level English language skills or the equivalent). We particularly encourage ap- plications from the Global South. In addition, you must not have resided in Germany any time after February 1, 2023.

Applications must be submitted online until December 15, 2023 (11:59pm CET). The interviews will take place online.

Please note: By submitting your application, you consent to have your dissertation pro- posal checked for plagiarism.

General information on the program and the PIs, a list of required application materials, and how to apply can be found at: school-scholarship-program

For additional inquiries, please check the program's website and feel free to contact our Admissions Officer Noha Mahmoud at

Find additional information about the GSSP program line founded by the German Academic Ex- change Service's here:

The official start of the program is scheduled for September 1, 2024.

As equal opportunity employers, both universities follow an equal opportunity and diversity strat- egy. They strive to increase the number of women in academia and strongly encourage applica- tions from suitably qualified female candidates. Disabled persons with the same professional and personal qualifications will be given preference.

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Doctoral Scholarships in the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Program “Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion” (GSPSC)
Bibliothekstraße 1 Bremen, Germany
Application deadline
2023-12-15 23:59 (Europe/Berlin)
2023-12-15 23:59 (CET)
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