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Postdoc (M/F) – Iron-based long-duration electrochemical storage

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General information

To apply: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR7564-MATETI-021/Default.aspx?lang=EN

Place of work: LCPME at Nancy, France

Type of contract: Scientific fixed-term contract

Contract duration: 24 months 

Hiring date: first semester 2024

Working hours: Full time

Salary: from 2,934 to 4,123 euros gross per month depending on experience

Level of education required: Level 8 - (Doctorate)

Desired experience: with or without postdoctoral experience

Funding sources: Horizon Europe


The researcher will develop an iron-based electrochemical device for the long duration storage of renewable energies.


In particular, the research will involve identifying and studying the best electrolytes for stabilizing an iron anode over time, with a view to controlling the corrosion and hydrogen evolution reactions that usually limit the performance of these anodes in battery-type applications. This research will include an assessment of the electrochemical device's performance (energy efficiency, loss of capacity through self-discharge).


The candidate must have very strong experience in electrochemistry and/or aqueous batteries and/or corrosion. A good level of English, written and oral communication is required.

Working environment

The research will be carried out within the electrochemistry team at LCPME in Nancy. The laboratory has the full range of techniques required for this study, including a variety of electrochemical techniques, scanning electrochemical microscopy, AFM, spectroscopic (RAMAN, XPS) and spectrometric (Mössbauer) techniques, some of which can be coupled for in operando measurements, as well as resources for modeling electrochemical systems. Iron anodes are the focus of numerous research efforts worldwide for renewable energy storage (iron-air batteries, all-iron redox flow batteries, etc.). This project is funded by CNRS Innovation as part of a technology maturation program to support the development of a renewable energy storage technology. 

Job details

Postdoc (M/F) – Iron-based long-duration electrochemical storage
34 Cours Léopold Nancy, France
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