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PhD (M/F): Electrochemical video from the counter electrode

2024-04-26 (Europe/Paris)
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Position description:

Emerging applications of nanomaterials in electrochemical energy conversion and storage require reliable assessment of their reactivity. Traditional macroscopic electrochemical measurements are difficult to differentiate the intrinsic reactivity of materials from their geometric structuring, therefore local measurements are desired/required. The PhD funded by ANR project “Electrochemical video from counter electrode (ECVIDEO)” aims to develop an analytical methodology and instrumentation aiming at in-situ/in-operando imaging of the distribution of charge transfer kinetics on planar electrodes, with submicron/nanometric spatial and milliseconds temporal resolution using optical microscopy. Instead of directly observing the sample, we propose to indirectly measure the optical variations on the counter electrode (CE) by electrochromism, which also serves as cover glass in a microscope setup. The raw signals measured in video form will be converted to the electrochemical reactivity distribution of samples by modelling. The experimental conditions and analytical methods will be adapted to the application of studying electrocatalytic reactions of interest for energy and environment, e.g. evolution of H2/O2 or reduction of CO2.

The PhD is supervised by Liang Liu and co-supervised by Neus Vilà. We aim at providing a creative, rigorous and humain environment for carrying out research and supporting the career development of the candidate. The salary is attractive with respect to the living cost. Collaboration with Frédéric Kanoufi's team (ITODYS partner) is planned during the study. The work will be mainly experimental but coding (e.g. Python, Matlab) will also be envisaged.

Job requirement:

The candidate (M/F) is required to have a valid Master degree by Sep. 1, 2024 with solid education background in physics and electrochemistry. Experiences in programming and instrumentation are highly appreciated. Oral and written communication in English is mandatory. The French language is not a selection criterion.

Application :

The applicants must apply through CNRS recrutement portail :

Portail Emploi CNRS - Job offer - PhD (M/F): Electrochemical video from the counter electrode

Contact : liang.liu@cnrs.frneus.vila@univ-lorraine.fr

Job details

PhD (M/F): Electrochemical video from the counter electrode
34 Cours Léopold Nancy, France
Application deadline
2024-04-26 23:59 (Europe/Paris)
2024-04-26 23:59 (CET)
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