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Postdoctoral position in physical chemistry / photobiology for the development of phototheranostic organic nanoparticles

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Starting date: between oct. dec. 2022

Duration: 24 months

Salary: From 28 to 35 k€ per year

Keywords: Nanotheranostics, nanoparticles, physical-chemistry, photobiology, cellular biology, photothermal therapy, fluorescence/photoacoustic imaging. 

Research topic: Photothermal therapy (PTT) is attracting increasing attention as a potential alternative to other therapeutic approaches. Highly challenging research aspects to help its clinical translation concern the development of safe PTT-agents that provide efficient phototherapeutic effect in combination with comprehensive image-guiding strategy. As an FDA-approved dye, Indocyanine Green (ICG) is on the frontline for fast pre-clinical and clinical PTT evaluation. As ICG exhibits limited PTT efficiency and bio/photo-stability at molecular scale, its nanoformulation is of particular significance to improve its performances. In continuity with our ongoing research work, the current project aims at developing ICG containing organic nanoparticles (e.g. polymeric micelles, liposomes) to targets in vivo intelligent agents for dual image (fluorescence/photoacoustic)-guided PTT strategy.

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Job description: We offer a two-year postdoc position to work on both the physico-chemical (nanoparticles formulation, analysis) and the biological (in cellulo and in vivo phototherapeutic activities evaluation) development of ICG-based phototheranostic nanoparticles. Good expertise in physical-chemistry and (photo)biology is required and will be valued in combination with high expertise in physicochemical engineering, photophysics, and cellular/small animal biological studies of host laboratories. As a postdoctoral researcher, you will be attached to both L2CM and CRAN laboratories, which are located in Nancy, France. You will be supervised by Yann Bernhard (Chemist) at L2CM and Henri-Pierre Lassalle (Biologist) at CRAN.

Mission and specific responsibilities: 

  • Preparation and characterization of dye-encapsulating organic nanoparticles.
  • Assessment of photophysical properties of nanoparticles (spectroscopy, fluorimetry)
  • Investigation of photothermal activity, (photo)chemical stability in biological environments
  • Evaluation of dark/photo toxicities, cellular uptakes/localization (cancer cell model).
  • In vivo investigation on mouse models (in vivo/ex vivo distribution, photothermal treatment, imaging using bimodal fluorescence/photoacoustic imaging equipment) – A formation for in vivo working with small animal models will be provided within the postdoc.
  • Participation in the supervision of PhDs, engineers, and trainees - restoring the results, communication at international conferences, participation in writing of manuscripts.

Candidate profile and application form: You should hold a PhD in physical chemistry with experience in formulation/nanoparticle synthesis and characterization experiments would be appreciated. Creativity, autonomy and strong reliability are highly required, together with a high motivation and strong interest in multidisciplinary approach. This project will give great opportunities to develop/extend competencies in physical chemistry, cell biology, and associated characterization techniques with cutting-edge equipment. All applicants must be able to communicate fluently in English. Applications should be sent to Yann Bernhard (yann.bernhard@univ-lorraine.fr) and Henri-Pierre Lassalle (henri-pierre.lassalle@univ-lorraine.fr). It should include a detailed CV and a cover letter highlighting how you meet the criteria.

Information related to the host laboratories:

Laboratoire Lorrain de Chimie Moléculaire (L2CM, UMR 7053),http://www.l2cm.univ-lorraine.fr/l2cm/, Boulevard des Aiguillettes B.P. 70239 - 54506 Vandoeuvre les Nancy Cedex France. The L2CM is a mixed research unit (UMR7053) between CNRS and University of Lorraine, which integrates around 70 members geographically distributed between Nancy (Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Campus Brabois Santé) and Metz (Institut de Chimie, Physique et Matériaux). The objectives of the laboratory are to explore and develop synthetic methods for innovative molecules and molecular materials for applications in various domains towards chemistry (drug design, catalysis), physics (energy, materials) and biology (drug delivery, imaging, therapy).

Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN, UMR 7039,http://www.cran.univ-lorraine.fr/, Campus Sciences BP 70239 54506, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy. Created in 1980, CRAN is a joint research unit shared by the University of Lorraine and the CNRS (attach to INS2I and INSIS). It also hosts researchers from the Lorraine Cancer Institute (ICL) and the University Regional Hospital (CHRU). The laboratory conducts interdisciplinary research associating automation, signal and image processing with biology and medicine. For several years, CRAN/ICL researchers have been conducting multidisciplinary research aimed at increasing the effectiveness of therapeutic strategies that exploit the interactions of light with biological tissue.

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Postdoctoral position in physical chemistry / photobiology for the development of phototheranostic organic nanoparticles
34 Cours Léopold Nancy, France
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