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PhD or postdoc position on the development of biosensors for live-cell imaging

2024-07-30 (Europe/Brussels)
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KU Leuven is an autonomous university. It was founded in 1425. It was born of and has grown within the Catholic tradition.

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The Lab for Nanobiology at KU Leuven specializes in the development of molecular tools, instruments, and software to study complex biological questions. We offer an interdisciplinary environment encompassing expertise in (bio)chemistry, engineering, optics, and data analysis. We are equipped with or have access to state-of-the art facilities for biochemistry, optical imaging, cell-culturing, and high-performance computation. As part of this project, you would be joining our dynamic team with a focus on the engineering of 'smart' molecular tools for in vivo imaging.
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Life is complex and can only be studied using the powerful tools. Fluorescent biosensors deepened our understanding of life by allowing us to image chemical processes within the live system. We have developed a successful research line on the development and application of such molecules, but only a small number of biomolecules can be detected. As part of this project, you will join our team by focusing on the development of an entirely new biosensor architecture that can visualize many more biochemical processes. In doing so, you will make it possible to study many more processes within intact cells and live tissues or tissue mimics.
During this project, you will apply protein engineering to develop new biosensors against key cellular targets, evaluate their performance using fluorescence microscopy on living systems, and showcase their use to answer biological questions. You will apply and master a broad range of techniques, including biochemical lab work (sensor engineering), spectroscopic measurements and characterization, fluorescence microscopy imaging, and computational data analysis.


You possess a master degree in a scientific discipline such as (bio)chemistry, biology, physics, or in another field where you can reasonably be expected to realize this research. You are fascinated by the development of molecular tools and more generally methodology to study complex biological systems.


We offer a full time position as a PhD student in our team.


For more information please contact Prof. dr. Peter Dedecker, mail: peter.dedecker@kuleuven.be or Mr. Vincent Van Deuren, mail: vincent.vandeuren@kuleuven.be.

KU Leuven strives for an inclusive, respectful and socially safe environment. We embrace diversity among individuals and groups as an asset. Open dialogue and differences in perspective are essential for an ambitious research and educational environment. In our commitment to equal opportunity, we recognize the consequences of historical inequalities. We do not accept any form of discrimination based on, but not limited to, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or national background, skin colour, religious and philosophical diversity, neurodivergence, employment disability, health, or socioeconomic status. For questions about accessibility or support offered, we are happy to assist you at this email address.

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PhD or postdoc position on the development of biosensors for live-cell imaging
Oude Markt 13 Leuven, Belgium
Application deadline
2024-07-30 23:59 (Europe/Brussels)
2024-07-30 23:59 (CET)
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