King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

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Project: Experimental investigation of nano-confined liquids: surface forces, optical and dielectric properties.

We solicit applications for a postdoctoral position in Professor Himanshu Mishra’s research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia (

Description: Water is often found to be confined in micro, nano, and sub-nano scale spaces in numerous natural and applied contexts, such as cells, soils, and emulsions. How water’s dielectric behavior varies with the confinement, the chemical make-up of the surfaces (e.g., hydrophobic, hydrophilic, superhydrophilic, and electrically charged) remains unexplored? To answer these simple but profound questions, with ramifications across physical sciences and engineering, we are developing and utilizing advanced surface science platforms. In particular, we are adapting a Surface Force Apparatus (SFA), a JPK Nanowizard AFM and utilizing theory and computational simulation to interpret our experimental results. This research lies at the intersection of physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Sample publications:

Physicists, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, analytical chemists are encouraged to apply.

Terrific opportunities to collaborate with experimentalists and theorists in our Group, at KAUST, and our external collaborators.

About KAUST:

KAUST is an international graduate-level, merit-based research university dedicated to advancing scientific and technological education and research, acting as a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in the region and the world. Our research strives to enhance the welfare of society with a special focus on four areas of global significance – food, water, energy and the environment. Based near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, KAUST has attracted top-notch faculty and staff from all over the world, with more than 80 nations represented on campus.

KAUST offers excellent academic and social atmosphere. Postdocs and PhD scholars enjoy highly competitive salaries and benefits, along with a truly global exposure through colleagues from over 100 nationalities. Join us for an adventure!

For further information about KAUST, postdoctoral life/benefits, social life, etc., please visit:

At KAUST, we attract people from all around the world who want to create impact beyond their own achievements. Irrespective of their national origins, the people of KAUST are “people of the world” who uphold our values of achievement, passion, inspiration, citizenship, diversity, integrity, and openness. Located on the beautiful Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, KAUST sets exceptional standards in residences, recreational facilities and boasts a truly multicultural community environment which can be enjoyed by all, along with ample opportunities and time to keep work and life in harmony. Expats are very well looked after, with packages including tax-free salary, relocation, accommodation and various additional incentives.


  1. Advanced background in electromagnetism, intermolecular and surface forces, and simulation software such as COMSOL will be a big plus.
  2. Background in experimental surface science, for example, hands-on experience with SFA and/or AFM instrumentation; experience with LabView and python is a plus.
  3. Curiosity-driven, dedicated, and a critical thinker

Please provide a cover letter, CV and names and contact details of three referees.

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
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KAUST is devoted to finding solutions for some of the world’s most pressing scientific challenges in the areas of food, water, energy and the envir...

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