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Faculty Positions in Earth Science and Engineering 2021/22

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The KAUST Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE) program seeks faculty candidates at all ranks who will develop a world-class competitive research program on one or more of the following key areas:

  • Structural Geology, with expertise in using quantitative field and/or laboratory data and principles of structural geology to study fundamental problems of tectonics, faulting, fracturing, and rock deformation at various spatio-temporal scales. Desired applications include the effects of faults and fractures on geothermal reservoirs and/or CO2 storage. Research on local geology and related to the Red Sea is encouraged.
  • Marine Geology/Geophysics, with expertise in quantitative methods and a wide range of field (and laboratory) data to investigate oceanographic processes determining sediment properties (e.g., related to climate change and ecosystem-evolution), to examine shelf and deep-sea geology (e.g., related to resource exploration and geohazards), or to study the evolution & properties of the oceanic crust in a young rift environment (Red Sea).
  • Machine Learning in Geosciences, with expertise in machine learning for geoscientific applications, utilizing the vast quantity of data that geophysical measurements offer. The candidate is expected to lead research activities in acquisition, processing, and inversion of such data using machine learning, or data-driven approaches in general, with the needed uncertainty analysis and quantifying accuracy. The candidate is expected to have deep knowledge of machine learning and be able to teach both ML and geophysical data courses at the graduate level.

The ErSE programs plays a pivotal role in supporting KAUST strategic initiatives: artificial intelligence, climate and livability, smart health and cybersecurity. Applications that would strengthen our footprint in one or more of these initiatives will be strongly considered.

Faculty of the ErSE program provide graduate education and conduct research covering a broad spectrum of geosciences. Research areas include (but are not limited to) applications of modern computational methods (including machine learning) to study geophysical problems associated with atmosphere and ocean circulation, crustal deformation and earthquakes, seismic wave phenomena, oil exploration, reservoir modeling and subsurface phenomena. In addition, ErSE faculty study geological processes related to active volcanism, and the geology of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea. These areas are enhanced through close collaboration with some of the best geophysical, geological and meteorological centers in the world, and through KAUST’s advanced central research facilities, including supercomputing, scientific visualization, analytical laboratories and marine facilities.

About the PSE Division and KAUST

The ErSE program belongs to the Physical Science and Engineering Division that comprises seven Degree Programs: Material Science and Engineering, Applied Physics, Earth Science and Engineering, Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. These disciplines provide the foundation for our Division's quest to address some of the major challenges that we face in the world today, including those related to energy and the environment. Specifically, our faculty members and their research teams work on topics as diverse as: photovoltaics, super capacitors, porous materials for carbon capture and membranes, clean combustion, atmospheric modeling, new polymers and composite for smart materials and structures.

KAUST is an international graduate research university dedicated to advancing science and technology through interdisciplinary research, education, and innovation. Located in Saudi Arabia, on the western shores of the Red Sea, KAUST offers superb research facilities, generous baseline research funding, and internationally competitive salaries, together with unmatched living conditions for individuals and families. More information about KAUST academic programs and research activities are available at:



A relevant Ph.D. degree. Proven track record in managing a research group as well as publishing high-impact papers.

Teaching and service responsibilities

Commitment to high-quality teaching at the graduate level, including two courses per academic year. Active service to KAUST on all aspects of academic life. 

Research Responsibilities

The University offers access to multiple sources of research funding to its Principal Investigators. The successful applicant should have an established record of publishing high-impact papers, and is expected to create a thriving research program including engaging in national and international scientific collaborations.

Applicants are required to complete an online application form using the Interfolio online application system (https://www.kaust.edu.sa/en/about/faculty-positions).  To prevent any delays in reviewing your application, you will need to upload the following materials:

  • a cover letter, introducing your candidacy, and explicitly stating both the position and the rank (Assistant, Associate, Full) that the candidate is applying for, is required. The rank must be consistent with the candidate experience,
  • up-to-date curriculum vita which includes full publication list,
  • statement of research interests,
  • statement of teaching interests,
  • a list of the names/affiliation and contact details of at least six potential referees,
  • copies of most relevant publications (maximum of five),
  • two citation reports (Web of Science and Scopus).

PLEASE NOTE: Only complete applications submitted through the online application system will be considered. Applications will be evaluated as soon as they are received, and will receive full consideration until the positions are filled.

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Faculty Positions in Earth Science and Engineering 2021/22
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
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