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Postdoctoral Research Position (Post Doc) (f/m/d) on “Fabrication Technologies to Enable the Realization of Stretchable Electronics, Metamorphic Electronics, and Epidermal Electronic Systems”

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The “Nanotechnology Group” at the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology at the TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT ILMENAU, Germany offers

Postdoctoral Research Position (Post Doc) (f/m/d) on “Fabrication Technologies to Enable the Realization of Stretchable Electronics, Metamorphic Electronics, and Epidermal Electronic Systems” 

Description: A successful candidate will be responsible for research in the emerging fields of metamorphic electronics, stretchable electronics, epidermal electronics, and conformal electronics. Google “metamorphic electronics” to find prior publications by the group. Different from conventional rigid electronics the electronic components will be embedded in thin stretchable elastomeric materials. The research will study advanced methods to mount microscopic instead of macroscopic electronic components out of silicon and III / V semiconductors on elastomeric substrates. The physical principles of positioning and electrical connection are based on novel surface tension-based self-assembly principles and transfer techniques. The project involves research in the field of integration of components on stretchable substrates.

Your tasks

Your job tasks include:

  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of experimental work
  • The design and implementation of the necessary lithographic patterning processes to fabricate substrates and interconnects.
  • The design and implementation of the necessary chip assembly processes to assemble the chips on the desired substrates.
  • The evaluation of the mechanical deformability of various designs and the demonstration of novel applications and fabrication processes.
  • Preparation of project proposals from the previously evaluated demonstrators.

Setting requirements are a scientific university degree (Diploma / Masters) and a scientific doctoral university degree (Dr. / PhD) in materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or comparable. Experience in the following areas is desirable: semiconductor processing technology, lithography, microsystems fabrication, advanced printed circuit boards, assembly of chips on various substrates, directed self-assembly, material transfer, and 3D modelling/simulation. The applicant is expected to exhibit a high degree of experimental skill, experience in design of prototypes and mechanical constructions. Applicants should point out those qualifications in the application.

Selection Process: As an applicant it is important that you show that you are qualified to work in this area and that you are capable to develop own ideas to advance the current knowledge in this field of research.

To do this your application letter needs to provide a description and answers (e.g.: 2 pages) to the following 5 questions:

1. What is the research about (look at the literature, i.e. search keywords in the descriptive paragraph)?

2. Are there others working on this internationally that you can find or know?

3. What technological approaches and methods are used?

4. Do you have any background or experience in these fields or why would you think you would be qualified to enter this research area and succeed and engaged in an independent doctoral thesis research?

5. Describe at least one idea of your own of what you would research that goes beyond the current state of the art and that would advance the knowledge in this research area?

Letters of application without answers to these 5 questions will not be considered.

Please provide evidence of the qualifications required for the job by certificates and references. Your application must contain at least the following documents

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Master's certificate (or provisional certificate)
  • Transcript of Records (overview of studies incl. grades)

What we offer you:

From individual advancement with a wide range of continuing education opportunities to a variety of health and recreational offerings, you can expect an appreciative working environment at a renowned university at TU Ilmenau. In addition to an attractive, family-friendly working hours model, you will also benefit from advantages such as the use of the dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, as well as participation in the various attractive sports offerings of the University Sports Center.

The university stands in the fields of technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media for teaching and research at the highest level. She attaches particular importance to innovative teaching and interdisciplinarity. She identifies with Humboldt's ideals and pursues the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family.

Technische Universität Ilmenau is holder of the „TOTAL E-Quality“ distinction and emphasizes gender equality.

Severely disabled applicants with essentially identical professional suitability will be preferentially selected.

Technische Universität Ilmenau offers flexible working time models.

ID Number: 126/2022 
application deadline: 29.01.2023

For further information please contact Prof. Heiko O. Jacobs Tel. +49 3677 69 3723.

Job details

Postdoctoral Research Position (Post Doc) (f/m/d) on “Fabrication Technologies to Enable the Realization of Stretchable Electronics, Metamorphic Electronics, and Epidermal Electronic Systems”
Ehrenbergstraße 29 Ilmenau, Germany
Application deadline
2023-01-29 23:59:59
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