Industrial PhD position in Hydrogen Safety

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Liquid hydrogen (LH2) is a desirable alternative for expanding the hydrogen supply infrastructure because it offers more density and efficiency advantages than gaseous transport and storage. Applications for LH2 span a wide range of technology, including storage at refueling stations, ships, and train systems. LH2 risks and hazards are distinct from compressed gaseous hydrogen risks and dangers. Moreover, specific and extensive standards and regulations are needed in the public domain. This project will address the need for cryogenic and liquid hydrogen to be used as inherently safer energy carriers.

This PhD project will start with a review of relevant hazards, available safety strategies, and engineering solutions for LH2 storage. Relevant accidents and the design of plant information will be critically analyzed. Innovative safety strategies and engineering solutions will be proposed, and corresponding incident scenarios will be analyzed to the demonstrated reduction of hazards and associated risks. The consequences of incidents will be investigated in terms of pressure and thermal effects on life and properties. Particular focus will be given to unresolved technological safety issues for hydrogen storage and distribution network. The performance of available engineering solutions will be studied to formulate requirements for safe operation in usual and accidental conditions. S(he) will address the knowledge gaps and open issues associated with hydrogen behaviors in accidental conditions. 

About the position

The selected candidate will work in the collaboration project among DynSoL AS and the mechanical and industrial engineering department, NTNU. S(he) will undertake this doctoral study at the Faculty of Engineering, NTNU, conducting independent research and publishing the result in recognized scientific journals. The results of this doctoral research may be used to support DynSoL's R&D department & services /applied projects. The candidate will collaborate with project partners to ensure and minimize impact across potential beneficiaries: industry, regulators and public safety officials, academia, and the public. 

Required selection criteria

  • Relevant educational background in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, safety engineering, or similar disciplines.
  • Strong academic background from prior coursework and a master's program average grade, or an equivalent degree, equal to B or better on the Norwegain grading scale or equivalent.
  • Good written and oral English language skills

Preferred selection criteria

  • Passion for innovation and technology development 
  • Ability and confidence to self-manage and execute tasks individually
  • Openness to feedback and input from others, as well as the ability to collaborate with others

We offer

Salary and conditions

This is a full-time job position with DynSoL Research & Innovation department. At the same time, the candidate will be registered as a Ph.D. student at NTNU. According to their qualifications and seniority, Ph.D. candidates will be paid salary under the Norwegian classification code 1017. As a payment to the pension fund for the public sector system in Norway, 2% of the payment is deducted. The period of employment is three years.

About the application

The application and any accompanying materials that will serve as the basis for the evaluation must be submitted in English. Please be aware that only the data available at the application deadline is used to evaluate applications. The application must include the following:

  • CV, certificates, and diplomas for bachelor's and master's degrees. 
  • If the master's degree has not yet been completed, you must send a copy of the master's results, thesis, and certification that the master's thesis has been submitted.
  • Research proposal (max 2/3 page)
  • Relevant earlier publications or research

Please submit the application electronically via email at r-and-d@dynsolonline.com with CV, diplomas, certificates, and research plan. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered. 

Application deadline: As soon as possible


DynSoL AS offers technical project management consultancy services to both local and global oil, gas & energy offshore, subsea, and onshore industries & infrastructure for cost-effective project development. DynSoL provides all or part of the services for basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and project management. With expert engineers & consultants, the company works with partners from all over the world and implements safe, environment-friendly & quality engineering cost-effectively. DynSoL research and innovation unit collaborates on an industry research topic with universities and institutes.

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Industrial PhD position in Hydrogen Safety
Stangelandsvegen 170 Voll, Norway
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About the employer

DynSoL is incorporated in Norway operating within European Economic area and Southeast Asia continuing its operation for oil-gas.

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